April Fools 2021

Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, whatever it is where you are!


I thought for a bit of fun this year we would make a video on what would be the best incubator in the world. I took all the things that the wife showed me from her Facebook groups over lockdown, added with some features I’d like to see in incubators and mixed it all in with some scientific language.

I put some of these pointers together into the video, and tried to read it all in one take. Just a small little hick up, but we got there!

If anyone is interested, the incubator in the video is made of wood. It’s a H.M. Best Pink incubator, and is made of wood. It predates 1941, as their factory was bombed during the way, and I can’t find anything about them post WW2. It originally ran on parafin, but is now in my ‘projects to do when I get 10 minutes’ pile.

Many thanks for watching, and until next time, thank you 👍


Starting Out With Hens

Introduction to a new home

It is a good idea to keep new birds shut in for 2-3 days.

If placing new birds into an existing flock, introduce the new birds to the others in the coop when it is dark.

News and Views

Self Isolation and Keeping Animals

This week we received a text from NHS Englands track and trace department, that said our household needed to self isolate. We had been in contact with someone who had since tested positive for Corona Virus. But what should happen to the animals we own?

From egg to chicken

Choosing Hatching Eggs

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and hatch your own eggs. Hoping that the chicks will hatch out, and increase your own flock numbers, be for the freezer, or be able to be sold on. In the start of these new series where we go from egg to the bird, we start of by choosing our hatching eggs, and setting them into the incubator.


Putting Leg Rings Onto Chickens

Chicken leg rings are brightly coloured pieces of plastic that are placed around the leg of a chicken (or other bird) and are a good way of identifying birds, the year they were born, or where you acquired them from.


What Killed Our Ducks?

Recently, 2 of our ducks were killed, and we don’t know what it was that got to them.

All the evidence points to it being a predator from the sky, from the injuries sustained, as well the lack of evidence around the fence.


Chicken Hatched After Just 15 Days

This is a lucky Chicken. A very lucky chicken. After just 15 days in our incubator, it hatched out. This was prior to the humidity being raised, and before we even placed it into lock down. It was only found after it chirped, when we went to manually turn one of our other incubators that was on.

Monday With the Poultry

Monday With The Poultry 24 – Starting the spring clean

For the Monday With The Poultry this week, we look at cleaning the big chicken coop out. This coop has been left to deep pile over the winter, and its now time to clean it out.

The big chicken coop is deep piled bedding. What this means is that we add more clean bedding, on top of the older stuff. This allows the chickens to dig through it, root around and churn it all over. It doesn’t smell that much at all, and compared to many other bedding styles, is one of the best (in our opinion). You can see in the video that it is dry, and still of great quality, even though its being removed.